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Abraham Blish, (***) 1 [m]
1st Generation

Personal Details
Born 1618 No Image On File
Birthplace England
Baptized No Entry
Baptized at... No Entry
Baptized by... No Entry
Baptized in... No Entry
Occupation(s) No Entry
Died September 7th, 1683, aged about 65 years
Died at... Barnstable, county of Barnstable, MA, USA
Cause of Death No Entry
Burial Place No Entry
Disposition No Entry

Father [1_f]Joseph Blish, (***) 0 No Image On File
Mother [1_m]Agnes (?) Blish 0 No Image On File

Spouses, Mates & Children
Wife #1
[1_sa] - Anne (Pratt) Blish 1

Married by: No Entry
Married at: No Entry

Children by this spouse:
I [2]+ Sarah (Blish) Orchyard 2 b. December 2nd, 1641 c. March No Image On File
II [3]+ Joseph Blish, (***) 2 b. January 4th, 1648 c. April No Image On File
No Image On File
Wife #2
[1_sb] - Hanna (Williams) Blish 1

Married by: No Entry
Married at: No Entry

Children by this spouse:
I [4]+ Abraham Blish 2 b. October 16th, 1654 c. January No Image On File
No Image On File
Wife #3
[1_sc] - Alice (Derby) Blish 1

Married by: No Entry
Married at: No Entry

Children by this spouse:
No Records of Children
No Image On File

Immediate Family Tree
Gen. 1 Gen. 0 Gen. -1 Gen. -2 Gen. -3
Abraham Blish, (***)Joseph Blish, (***)? BlishNo EntryNo Entry
No Entry
No EntryNo Entry
No Entry
? (?) BlishNo EntryNo Entry
No Entry
No EntryNo Entry
No Entry
Agnes (?) BlishNo EntryNo EntryNo Entry
No Entry
No EntryNo Entry
No Entry
No EntryNo EntryNo Entry
No Entry
No EntryNo Entry
No Entry

Personalized History Timeline, 1618 to 1683
Papal Inquisition from before birth until after line end
Torquemada's Spanish Inquisition from before birth until after line end
Reign of King James I (Stuart) from before birth until age 7
30 years war from age 0 to age 30
1st negro slaves arrive in Virginia at age 1
Mayflower lands at Plymouth at age 2
Sir Francis Bacon suggests heat may be movement at age 2
First Submarine (Cornelius van Drebel, Dutch) at age 2
Scientific Method, via Sir Francis Bacon at age 2
English population in America hits 2000 at age 7
Reign of King Charles I (Stuart) from age 7 to age 31
Manhatten island purchased from indians by Dutch at age 8
Colony of Massachusetts founded at age 11
English aggressively settle Massachusetts from age 12 to age 24
Heads of households in New England reaches 950 at age 15
Colony of Connecticut founded at age 15
Arrived in America in this time frame from age 16 to age 19
1st settlement in Maryland at age 16
Connecticut first settled at age 17
First record of Abraham Blish known at age 19
1st printing press in America (Massachusetts) at age 21
1st marriage at age 22
Pascal invents Calculator at age 24
English Civil War from age 24 to age 31
Barometer invented at age 25
Rainbow, 1st American slave ship, sails for Africa at age 27
Oliver Cromwell rules (Stuart) from age 31 to age 42
Chattel slavery officially recognized at age 32
World pop. est. at 500 million at age 32
Air Pump invented at age 34
Anglo-Dutch war from age 34 to age 36
2nd marriage at age 36
Theory of Probability - Pascal and Fermat at age 36
Oliver Cromwell allows Jews back in England at age 37
First Stockings at age 39
Pendulum Clock invented by Galileo at age 39
3rd marriage at age 40
Light composition discovered by Isaac Newton at age 42
British Navigation Acts restrict commerce at age 42
Reign of King Charles II (Stuart) from age 42 until after line end
Manometer at age 43
Great Plague in London kills 68,596 from age 46 to age 47
English take New York from the Dutch, no shots fired at age 46
Differential Calculus (Isaac Newton) at age 47
1st Armenian Bible printed at age 48
Great fire of London - 9/2 to 9/9. 14,000+ buildings burned at age 48
Isaac Newton makes first reflecting telescope at age 50
King Phillip's War from age 57 to age 58
Polarization of light discovered (Huygens) at age 60
Habeas Corpus passed in England - trial before imprisonment at age 61
Dodo becomes extinct at age 62
Pennsylvania founded at age 63
Appearance of Halley's Comet at age 64
Newton explains tides via theory of gravitation at age 65

Additional Information
The majority of the following information is verbatim from the pages of the James Knox Blish genealogy. I have only made changes where I know the information to have been in error or suffering from problems in tense. I have made a concerted effort to remain true to the spelling and the typesetting, where the constraints of HTML representation allowed such, more so here than in any other record in the genealogy.

Almost all of the name of Blish, besides a few who spell the name Bliss and Blush, are descended from Abraham Blish, who was in Duxbury, a part of the Plymouth colony, in 1637. He is mentioned in Winsor's History of Duxbury, on page 228. The first authentic record we find, is a deed from Richard Moore to Abraham Blish of a tract of land in Duxbury, at the "Eagle's Nest", which is found in Plymouth's great Book of Deeds, volume I, page 22, and is as follows:


"Bradford Gounr: xiijth of King Charles
"The first day of Nouember, 1637, Richard Moore of Ducksborrow yeom for and in consideracon of the sume of twenty pounds sterl to be payed in money or beauer in manner & forme following that is to say tenn pounds pt thereof at or vpon the sixteenth of this instant Nouember and other tenn pounds at or vpon the twenty ninth day of Septembr next ensuing the former payment and the other thirty shillings the first day of Nouember after, Hath bargained, sould aliened enfoeffed and confirmed vnto Abraham Blush of the same all that messuage and tennement in Ducksborrow aforsaid wth the twenty acres of land therevnto belonging and all his right title and interest to and into the said prmisses and eury part and pcell thereof To haue and to hold the said messuage or tennement lands a prmisses and all and singuler their appurtences vnto the said Abraham Blush his heires and Assignes foreuer to the only proper vse and behoofe of him the said Abraham Blish his heires and assigns foreu."


This land is again mentioned in a deed found in the same volume, on page 58, as follows:

"Memorand: The 29th of September 1657 That whereas John WIllis purchased of Abraham Blush halfe the twenty acree lott lying on Duxborrow syde which lott the said Blush purchased of Richard More as may appear by an instrument vpon Record bearing the date Nouember 27 1638 Now the said John Willis doth acknowlidg that for and in consideration of Eaight pounds to him in hand payed by William Paybody of Duxborrow, haue freely and absolutely sold vnto said William Paybody That one halfe lott That hee bought of the aforesaid Blush being the easterly end of the twenty acre Lott Towards the place called Easgles Nest point with all and singulare the premises therevnto belonging Together with all his right and Interest of and in the same To haue and to hold the said halfe Lott of land with all and singulare the Appurtenances therevnto belonging for the only proper vse and behoofe of him the said William Paybody his heires and Assignes for euer.    by mee JOHN WILLIS
Signed sealed and deliuered in the prsence of

Nathanial Moore.
Josiah Standish.
"This Instrument was acknowlidged the 4th of July 1679 before mee,    DANIEL SMITH, Assistant."

The exact date of his coming to Duxbury is unknown, the earliest records of that town having supposedly been burned with the house of Miles Standish, who was the town clerk.

Abraham Blish early removed to Barnstable and is known to have been there in 1640, and may be considered to be one of the early settlers of that Town. His first residence was in what was afterward known as West Barnstable, "Great Marshes" - and his homestead there was owned by him and his descendents for nearly two hundred years. On July 17th, 1658, he purchased of Dolar Doavis, for £75, a farm in the easterly part of Town, near the present site of the Town of barnstable, a portion of which land was in the old common-field. His house was on the south side of the mill-pond and a short distance south-east of the old tide-mill, and the causeway that formed the mill-dam was known as "Blishes Bridge" or "Blushes Bridge". It is spelled both ways in the old records. The western extremety of the old common-field was, until a very recent date, known as Blish's Point. The inventory of the estate of Jeremiah Bacon mentions "one piece of meadow by Blish's Bridge," Mar 29, 1706. In the will of John Bacon, proven 20 Oct. 1738, occurs the following- "Item-I give free liberty to all my sons and grandsons to use and improve my two landing places one at the mill and one at the bank by Blush's point, as they may have occasion". The inventory of John Davis, 28 Feb. 1739, mentions meadow at Blish's point, bought of John Sturges, and land at Blish's point is also mentioned in the partition of the estate of John Lewus, 4 Apr. 1789. Portions of the old causeway are still standing and the remains of an old tide-mill are now on the site though doubtless of later construction. Abraham Blish was a large land owner for those days, as is evidenced by the frequency with which his name occurs in the records. Among the earlier records is found the following, pertaining to the lands of the first settlers:

    "1651, Jany. 8. Whereas the Inhabitants of this Town took into serious consideration the great trouble and confusion that may hereafter ensue for want of recording sundry parcel or parcels of land given and granted to sundry particular men within the township, for the prevention of which trouble and confusion the sd inhabitants have therefore, at full town meeting, ye day and year above written, with full consent, ordered and agreed as followeth, viz: - that whatsoever parcel or parcels of land or lands any man hath and is at present possessed with within this Township, the bounds of said lands being publicly declared in Town Meeting, and proved, shall be recorded in the Town book to be the lands of each possessor thereof, and do by these Presents order and declare that the record thereof as aforesaid be sufficient security to claim, hold and retain full and lawful right, title and interest to them, their heirs forever of all and every such parcel and parcels of land possessed by them and recorded as aforesaid.

* * * * * * * *
    "To Abraham Blush. - The parcel of marsh meddow 8 acres, be it more or less, lying in ye cove, commonly called ye Bridge cove, butting northerly upon a small creek running by his point of upland into ye Bridge creek and southerly by Gdd Bowermans upland, bounded by a small runlet (near ye markt tree,) which run from ye said upland into ye bridge creek, which sd creek is ye bounds of it westerly, and bounded on ye easterly side by Gdd Bowermans marsh."

Three other tracts of land are described as belonging to Abraham Blush. 1658, July 21. Another list of the lands and land owners of the Town was spread upon the Town records, among which are elevel tracts of Abraham Blish.


Many of the old deeds are curious in form and phrasology; the following is an average sample:

    "To All Persons to Whom These Presents Shall Come, Abraham Blish of Barnstable in ye Government of New Plymouth, in New England, yeoman, sendeth Greeting, and Know Ye that I, the said Abraham Blish, for and in consideration of a parcel of high fence belonging to ye field commonly called ye common-field, in Barnstable aforesaid, containing twenty acres and two rodd lying on ye Kings highway between ye fence of Nathaniel Bacon of Barnstable aforesaid and a gate which I was to make and maintain that stands at ye head of ye lane or way which leads down to ye creek and to my now dwelling house, now to be repaired and ever be maintained by ye sd Nathaniel Bacon and Jeremy Bacon, their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns forever, the security for making and repairing ye sd fence fence and gate by ye sd Nathaniel Bacon and Jeremy Bacon, to me in hand given, ye receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge and declare myself fully satisfied, contented and paid, and for divers other good causes and conderations to me the sd Abraham Blish, at this time especially moving, have given, granted, bargained, sold, aliened, enfoeffed and confirmed and by these presents do freely and absolutely give, grant, bargain, sell, alien, enfoeffe and confirm unto them ye sd Nathaniel Bacon and Jeremy Bacon, there heirs and assigns forever, all that parcel of my meddow march and creek stuff, containing about one acre and one-half, be it more or less, lying and being in Barnstable aforesaid, on ye northerly side of ye creek commonly called ye old mill creek, and is bounded southerly by ye sd creek and easterly by ye causeway over ye marsh from ye bridge where ye old mill stood, and is bounded westerly by ye west side of a rock standing by ye upland side and thence ranging easterly to ye main creek aforesaid by the point where ye bank of ye sd creek is steep down; together with all ye proffits, privileges and appurtenances to ye sd bargained premises belonging or in any wise appertaining: To Have and To Hold ye sd pacel of meddow and creek stuff and appuntenances unto ye sd Nathaniel Bacon and Jeremy Bacon, their and each of their heirs and assigns forever. And I, the sd Abraham Blish, do for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators covenant and grant to and with ye sd Nathaniel Bacon and Jeremy Bacon and their heirs and ye heirs and assigns of each of them, that at the time of ensealing and delivering of these presents, I have full power and just right and lawful authority to grant, bargain, and confirm all ye sd premises, in and by these presents mentioned or intended to be bargained and confirmed in manner and form as aforesaid, according to ye true intent and meaning of these presents, and that ye sd bargained premises are to be and shall continue to be clearly exhonorated, acquitted and discharged or otherwise upon request and sufficiently saved and kept harmless by me ye sd Abraham Blish, mine heirs, executors and administrators, of and from all other former gifts, grants, bargains, sales, titles, dowers, charges and imcumbrances wtsoever had, made, conducted or done, or to be made, had conducted or done by me, ye sd Abraham Blish mine heirs or assigns or by any other person or persons from, by or under me, us or any of us, or by mine, our or any of our means, consent or procurement.

    "In witness whereof I, the sd Abraham Blish have hereunto sett my hand and seal this 10th day of January, Anno Domini One Thousand Six Hundred Seventy and Nine.
"Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of

Mary Hinkley,
Jedediah Lumbert

The above sd Abraham Blish appeared the 20 of January, 1679 and acknowledged these presents to be his act and deed before me.
    Thomas Hinkley, Assistant

Vera Copia. Compared with the original deed. Jta:
Attest predict. Thomas Hinkley."
---Barnstable Deed Records

The following items have been gathered from various sources and show the public acts of this pioneer.

1637. Had accounts with John Cole
--- Pope's Pioneers, Mass

1641. June 1. "At the Genall Court of or Souraigne Lord the King, held at Plym aforesd, the first day of June in the xvijth Yeare of his sd Matles now Raigne, of England" etc.
" The names of those that are ppounded this Court to be admitted as freemen at the next Court. * * Abraham Blush and William Betts, of Barnstable"
Plym. Rec. 2-17.

1642-1643. Mar. 7. Abraham Blush was Grand juror from Barnstable.
---Ib. 53.
1643 June 6. "At a Genall Court holden at Plymouth aforesaid the vjth of June in the xixth Yeare of the Raigne of or Souraigne Lord, Charles by the Grace of God King of England, Scotland, France & Ireland, Defendr or the Fayth, &c." the grand jury was sworn, among which was Abraham Blush.
---Ib. 56.
1643. His name appears in a list of persons able to bear arms in the "Colony of New Plymouth".
---N. E. Gen. Regr.
1643. Took the oath of fidelity.
---Plym. Gen. Rec. 8-193
1645. June 4. "At the Genral Court" &c. "Surveyors of Heighwayes chosen by the sevral townships & prsented to this Court.
Barnstable---Abraham Blush & Nathaniel Bacon."
---Ib. 2-84
1651. June 5. "Abraham Blush Propounded for freeman."
---Ib. 2-167
1652. June 7. "At the Generall Court of Election holden for the jurisdiction of New Plym. Names of such stand propounded to take up their freedom: Abraham Blush, and others.
1652. June 7. "Abraham Blush chosen surveyor of Highwaies for Barnstable with Dolare Davice".
1656. June 3. "The constables for the severall Townes---Barnstable---Abraham Blush."
---Ib. 3-100
1657. "Att the Courth of his Matie holden at Plymouth for the Jurisdiction of New Plymouth the fift of March, 1657. The names of those that have taken the oath of fidelite at Duxborrow in the year of 1657, * * * * *
Abraham Blush, and others.
---Ib. 8-182
1658. June 1. Court of Election, etc. Abraham Blush one of "ye Grand Enquest sworne".
---Ib. 3-135
1658. The name of Abraham Blush appears in the list of freemen.
---Ib. 8-200
1660. June 6. He was constable for Barnstable
---Ib. 3-188
1663. June 1. He was again one of the "Grand Enquest".
---Ib. 4-37
1667. June 5. Was Constable for Barnstable.
---Ib. 4-48
1668. Feby. 5. "At a meeting of those five men impowered by ye town, according to an order bearing date the 21 of May, 1662, to make such orders repsecting ye general field as may be for ye preservation of ye corn, etc., it is ordered as followeth, viz. that Abraham Blish, James Lucas and James Cob are impowered to be haywards of ye said field till this time twelve month, to see that ye orders respecting ye sd field be observed and penalties gathered and give an account of such forfeitures and penalties unto ye said five men, to be by them disposed as they shall see cause for ye common good of ye Interessors in ye sd field.
---Barnstable Town Rec.
1670. May 29. His name appears in the list of freemen of New Plymouth.
---Ib. 5-277
1670. "At a town meeting ye 5 of April, 1670, it is ordered by ye Town, that all of ye common meadow as yet undisposed within this township shall from time to time perpetually to be and lie for a common to and for ye common use of ye present inhabitants whoose names are hereto recorded and to ye sons of all ye aforementioned inhabitants successively as they shall grow qualified, according to a former order bearing date 3 of October 1662, and ye successors of such inhabitants aforesaid who shall purchase and buy out ye rights of such respective inhabitants."

A list is appended among which is the name of Abraham Blish.
---Barnstable Town Rec.

1673. Jany. 16. Abraham Blish, Thomas Lumbert and James Cob were chosen Heywards for the following year.


The following record of a suit of one of the Barker children will be of interest, as a legal curiosity.

"At the court of his Matie holden att Plymouth for the Jurisdiction of New Plymouth the fift of March, 1677.

"John Barker, of Barnstable, complaineth against Captaine John Williams of Scituate, as Guardian and receiur of the rents and profitts of the land of the said John Barker during his minoritie, in an action of accompt, to the damage of 200 pounds; for that the said John Williams, as guardian in soccage, took into his custody the said Barker in the month of March in the yeer 1657, and from said time receiued the rents and profitts of said Barker his lands in the township of Marshfield, and had severall yeerly tenants of the same vntil the said Barker did arriue att the age of twenty one yeers, which was in the yeer 1672, being fourteen yeers compleat, and thereof hath not rendered an accompte to the plaintiffe to this day, notwithstanding the said guardian hath not improued the estate in educating and well bringing vp the said here, but contraiwise did improue the said heire as his servant, about the said Williams his owne servill imployments."

"The jury find for the plaintiffe an hundred and seauenteen pounds damages, vnless the defendant render to him a faire accompte between this and the last of May next, and the costs of suit which comes to 4£ 06s 06d to be payed in siluer money."

"In reference to the verdict of the jury in the case of John Barker, plaintiffe and Capt. John Williams, defendant, in an action of accompte as guardian in soccage, which is as followeth, viz: ---the jury find for the plaintiffe one hundred and seuenteen pounds damage, vnless the defendant doe render to him a faire accompt this and the last day of May next, and the cost of suit: This court doth appoint the honorable the Gou., Major Cudworth and the Treasurer, and for the default of either, Mr. Thomas Hinkley, auditors, to meet together att Marshfield the 15th day of May next att tenn of the clocke, to auditt, heare and determine the said accompte, together with the cost of said auditt and to issue forth executions for the arrearages of the same; and case the said auditors shall not agree in any matter touching the said accompte, that then any two of them agreeing shall haue full power to determine the same."
---Plym. Rec. VII-209

John Barker succeeded so well in this suit, that he was encouraged to try again, and on the 16th of July, 1678, he filed the following declaration:

"John Barker, or Barnstable, complains against John Williams of Sciutate, in an action on the case, to the damage of one hundred pounds,--- for that whereas, after the said Barker did arriue at the age of fourteen yeers, he choose the said Williams as his guardian and who expected to continue his guardianshipp to the said Barker and was allowed and appointed by the Court of New Plymouth to be guardian to said Barker and required by said Court to bring him vp in the way of education and learning soe as might be to his advantage and health when hee should come to be of age and put him forth to a trade, as may appear by record of this Court, bearing date October, 1665: and the said Williams owne servill imployments, from said time vntill the said Barker did arriue att mans estate, and did not put him forth to a trade: wherefore the complainant brings his action to the honorable Court for relieffe and prase that he may haue wages for his seruice done for said Williams and damage for not putting the said Barker forth to a trade."
---Plym. Rec.

The young man was non-suited in this case, and then the old man, evidently wishing to get even, filed the following complaint:

"John Williams of Situate complaineth of John Barker of Barnstable, in an action on the case, to the damage of one thousand pounds, siluer mony, for that the aforesaid John Barker at some time since March last, slanderously reported and defamed the aboue said Williams, by saying, that hee, the said Williams, "is the wickedest man that ever was vpon the face of the earth."
---Plym. Rec.

The Court evidently thought that the quarrel had proceeded far enough, and Williams was also non-suited.

The following curious receipts probably have reference to the Barker property:

"Nouember the 11th 1654. Recceiiued by mee, John Williams, for the vse of Abraham Blush, of Peregrine White, the sume of thirty shillings for rent. I say receiued by mee, John WIlliams, which is the one-halfe.
John Williams
---Plym. Rec. VIII-210

"Receiued of George Vaughan, in and by the appointment of Mr Perigine White, the sume of fiue pounds and ten shillings, which is the rent due to Anne Barker. I say recieued by mee this 26 of March, 1662.
John Williams
---Plym. Rec. VIII-211

May 9th 1656. Recieued by mee Dolar Dauis, by the order of Abraham Blush of Barnstable, the full and just sume of fiue pounds fiue shillings of Perigine White of Marshfield, in a cow and a calf. I say recieued by mee the day and yeer aboue written, for which the said John William of Scituate. the said Blushes agent is to giue the said White and Bassett a discharge.
Dolar Dauis
---Plym. Rec. VIII-211

1668. "Recieued of my father-in-law Abraham Blush the full and just sum of ten pounds in full satisfaction of my wifes portion ordered by the Court of New Plymouth to be by him payed.
I say receiued by mee. Samuel Pratt
Barnstable the 2eond of the 9th month, 1688
As witnesseth Thomas Huckens,
John Huckens
---Plym. Rec. II-51, Pt. II.

Abraham Blish also settled with John Pratt, husband of Ann Barker, 27 Oct. 1666. Samuel Pratt was the husband of Mary Barker.
---Gen. Advertiser, 4-31

1660. Mar 12. William Burden, heretofore of Concord, Mass., now resident in Duxbury, testifies that he received in right of his wife Deborah, daughter of John Barker, late deed, money from Abraham Blush.
---GN. E. Gen. Regr. 7-178


Abraham Blish died at Barnstable, Mass., September 7th 1638, leaving a will, which is as follows:

"I, Abraham Blush being weak in body but through the Mercy of God of sound and disposing mind and memory, calling to mind the uncertainty of this life on earth and being desirous to settle things in order, doe make this my last will and testament in manner and form following---that is to say:

Imps.---I commend my soul to God in Jesus Christ my blessed Savior and my body to decent buriall as to my executor heerafter named shall seeme meet and convenient, and as touching such worldly estate as the Lord in Mercy hath sent mee, my will is that the same shall be Imployed, and bestowed as heerafter by this My Will is expressed; amd first I doe Revoke, frusterate and make void all wills by mee heertofore made and doe declare and appoint this to be my last will and testament.

"Imp.---I give and bequeath unto Alice my loving wife the use of that east end of my now dwelling house which I have reserved for myself and and doe now dwell in, during her Naturall life, and the one moiety of half part of the Yeerly rent of the lands belonging to the said dwelling house which I have letten out to my son Joseph Blish during the said tearme, if she live so long; alsoe one Cow to be att her owne dispose and the keeping thereof, together with the keeping of a mare of horse for her use to goe to mill and meeting during that tearme of the sad lease, and one third of my household stuffe to bee at ger free dispose.

".Item.---I will and beqeath to my son Joseph Blish the liberty to take in way of exchange that house and land belonging thereto which I now dwell on and hee hath the use of by virtue of a lease for two years made thereof unto him, if he shall see cause to Chose it rather that that house and land which I heerrtofore gave unto him and his heirs forever by a deed of Gift, together with the parcell of Marsh lying at the northerly end of that Marsh at the bridge, which hee leased out to John Barker and John Allin as by theer lease appeareth, provided always that he give Legall sufficient deeds unto his brother my son Abraham Blish, of all the rest of the said lands att the bridge, which the houses and edfifices therunto belonging now letten out to the said John Barker and John Allin, with the Reversion thereof to him my said son Abraham Blish, his heirs and assigns forever; but if otherwise my will is that my said son Abraham Blish shall have and enjoy my now dwelling house and all the lands thereunto belonging, to him and his heirs or assigns forever and other half of Rent of said lands after my decease.

"Item.---I will and bequeath unto my daughter Sarah Orchyard five pounds to be paid her within one yeer after my decease, and five shillings apeece to her five children which she now hath to be payed by my executors when they have attained the age of twenty-one yeer.

"Item.---I will and bequeath unto Joseph the eldest son of my said son Joseph Blish five pounds, and five shillings apeece to his other three children.

"Item.---I will and bequeath to my son Joseph Blish all the Rest of my Goods and estate whatsoever to pay my debts and Legacyes by me before given.

"And I do thereby make and appoint him my son Joseph to bee my sole executor of this my last will and testament.

"In witness wherof I have herunto set my hand and seale this 17th day of Aprill, 1683.

Signature and Seal of Abraham Blish
"In presence of

Mary Hinkley
Thomas Hinkley, Gov.

"Mr. Thomas Hinkley, Govr made oath to this will att the Court of his Matie holden att Plymouth the fift of March 1683-4 " Recognitt. this 28th day of February, 1681, beofer me pdict.
Thomas Hinkley Gou.

"This Court doth order Mr Lathrop and Mr Thatcher to adminester an oath to Mrs Mary Hinckley in reference to the will of Abraham Blush, deceased."
Plym. Court Rec. VI p. 123

"Mistris Mary Hinckley made oath to this will 29th of February, 1683.
Before Mr. Barnabas Laythorpe, Assistant
and Mr. John Thatcher, Assistant
Plym. Rec. Vol IV. Pt. II

The widow and the executor filed the following


A true inventory of all and singular the goods, chattels and credits of Abraham Blush, deceased, praised at his house in Barnstable the fourth day of September one thousand six hundred eighty and three by John Davis, senr and Joseph Laythorpe, as followeth:

£ s d
Imps. his purse and apparell 06 00 00
Item. in bookes, 00 06 00
Item. a feather bed and bedding and fleck bed under it 06 10 00
Item. in pewter and brasse 01 16 00
Item. Iron pott and hookes, tounges, gridiron, chain, augers, han saw and other iron 03 00 00
Item. two pairs of trammels 00 09 00
Item. an old bridle and saddle 00 05 00
Item. a chist, a box and chaires 00 16 00
Item. a Gun, powder, bullets and powder horne 00 11 00
Item. a padlock, a frying pan, a cowbell 00 06 00
Item. Trayes, bowles and wooded dishes 00 03 00
Item. Bedstead, old hogsheads, barrels, a spinning wheel and shot pouch and sickle 00 11 00
Item. in sheepes wool and cotton woole, 2 pailes 00 13 00
Item. an old cart and wheels and plow irons and cheape(?) an old pitchfork and old syth 01 00 00
Item. in Indian and English corne 01 00 00
Item. a beeve barrell and a snuffing trough 00 03 00
Item. Iron Wedges, Hooks, Rings and Rundlett 00 04 00
Item. in hookes 00 03 00
Item. in neate cattle 15 10 00
Item. in sheepe and lambs 02 00 00
Item. one young swine and an old canoo, 09s a mare 2£ 10s 02 19 00
Item. a frying pan and Jarr and pott and half bushell and a pound weight and lb. of yarn 00 07 06
Item. 1 Iron kettle 00 13 00
Item. 1 old sheet and an Iron coulter 00 04 06
Item. in debts due to the estate in Neate Cattle which will be due 5 years hence 7£ an old brake 07 01 00
Item. the estate is indebted about 10£ we now know 10 00 00
Item. the several charges about 30s or 40s
Item. a flocke bed, a pair of coarse sheets, 2 pillow coates, a napkin and 2 towels 02 00 00
Item. a Coppbert and a great table 02 10 00
55 00 00

Joseph Blish and Alice Blish tooke theire oathes that so farr as they know this inventory of the estate of Abraham Blish, deceased, is a true Inventory.
Before me,
Barnabas Laythorpe,
---Plym. Rec.

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