Offering Discounts to Blish Family Members

First of all, thank you for considering making your product or service available to the family at a discount. This is one way that the family can make some connections and help each other out.

Please set your discount at a level where you are not disadvantaged by your offer. It is important that this not become a financial burden - that kind of thing has a way of turning into something you won't feel good about no matter how good your intentions may be. At the very most, set your discount level so you'll break even plus at least a few percent. What we suggest, however, is that you make a more balanced offer; provide both a discount, and a reasonable margin for yourself as well. That way everyone involved benefits, and doesn't that fit in best with the idea anyway?

To submit your offer to the Webmaster for inclusion on the site, just fill out the following simple form. We will email you back to confirm the listing, and as long as you verify to us that the listing is legitimate, we'll post it.

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