Blish family member EMail Addresses

These email addresses were gleaned both from various public sources on the net, and from Blish family members submitting them; Public sources means Yahoo email listings, newsgroup signatures, school and association alumni lists and so forth. If you find your email address here and you would like it removed, simply email and we'll see to it immediately. The only intent here is to link family members - not to inconvenience or discommode anyone. Likewise, if you would like to have your address placed here, just send us an email to that effect!

It is explicitly forbidden to use this address list as a means of mass-mailing the people found here for commercial purposes. If you have a commercial opportunity that you want to make available to family members, we have a specific page for that and we would be delighted to list your opportunity or offer there at no charge. Don't send mass commercial email to these people (it's "spam" - and everyone hates a spammer!)

Mass use of this list is permitted only to spread news about Blish reunions.

On religion: Remember, there are many different religious outlooks and lifestyles, and it is no one's place to lecture anyone else about them unless they come to you. We don't intend this to be a jumping-off point for anyone to proselytize or lecture. I will back this up with the only enforcement tool at my disposal: If anyone does use this list to spam the family and I find out about it, I'll remove them from the email list and any other mention on the site other than genealogical. So they lose the opportunity to use the "offers" page, too. Don't spam!

Thanks. :-)

emails taken down due to abuse

This is why we can't have nice things.