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1.03 Additions

can use a file to set SDR-IQ frequency reference
each notch now has its own frequency display
the notch currrently being edited has a red LED instead of green
clicking LEDs first selects, then enables/disables the associated notch
Clicking the LED by the LF readout turns the LF filter on and off
F controls frequency for currently selected notch
Q controls width of currently selected notch
original LCD now only shows LF frequency and waterfall fine-tuning
code refactoring; more efficient operation in some areas
demodulator intercept now adjustable in 1 dB increments
control-[ and control-] tune demod freq by +/- 1 Hz
traded a little vertical space for better horizontal space control
added program icon (128x128 and smaller) by Oliver Janoschek
bug with memory initialization from 1.02 and 1.01 fixed

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