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1.05 Additions

Changed software name from CuteSDR to SdrDx, per Moe's request this has a side-effect in that the program defaults are now saved under the new name, so you can now run CuteSDR in the same machine as SdrDx without the settings colliding.
New S-Meter design
All sliders now have indicator ticks
Waterfall color adj now saved/loaded on per-memory and global basis
In previous versions, entire waveform line would turn red (instead of green) when there was an overload. I've eliminated that behavior, and added an overload LED (OL) near the window bottom.
I/R now functions as I/R (Intercept/RFGain) slider This allows classic "RF gain riding" where you turn the RF gain down all the way, turn up the audio all the way, then only raise the rf gain as far as you find comfortable. This reduces background noise and listener fatigue at the cost of monitoring the level. Switch slider mode in the demod dialog. A useful feature is that the S-Meter does *not* follow the RF gain control, so you can estimate settings even though the RF gain might be too low.
 I now sets F1-F10 memories to the 10 zones, like I does for memories 1-0
All demodulator modes are now directly accessible via front-panel buttons
Notches now function properly when using SAM
Tuning support for physical knobs (such as Griffen Powermate):
Variable tuning (VT) with q,v
VT rate adjusted with Q,V 10 Hz ... 10 KHz
VT step displayed as x ahead of mode and bandwidth
VT step auto-selected by preset memories (ctrl-# and ctrl-FKEY)
VT step saved on per-memory and global basis
^ 9 now set to 28,110.000/USB at left edge; this is the 10m beacon range
 M now sets the notches for a multi-harmonic 60 Hz filter
 N now sets the notches for a multi-harmonic 50 Hz filter
Noiseblanker processing slightly more efficient (same algorithm)
Bug where some notch indicators didn't show on tuning indicator fixed

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