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2.00 Additions

Spectrum slider now serves as trace 1 gain in o-scope mode
Keystrokes dialog updated
SCP state now saved/restored
FIX state now saved/restored
Spectrum scope mode adds point-and-click heterodyne removal
The filter (usually low pass) can be switched into a high pass mode
CTR state now saved/restored
LPF frequency now saved/restored
LPF state now saved/restored
"Stereo" checkbox in Soundcard setup now ignored
Pressing SHIFT with memory button click now stores into memory
18-segment graticule grid for use with 180 kHz bandwidths (GRT,space)
CWO can now be adjusted in ~1 Hz increments using mousewheel
Added scope ch2 gain to control AGC display.
Space bar now provides mute capability
Grid spacing moved from spacebar to W
Increased scope ch1 and ch2 gain
Pulling either gain to minimum auto-turns off associated channel display
AGC allows selection of AGC or S-Meter data for scope ch 2
SUN allows S-unit indications switched into scope ch 2
Scope controls changed to knobs, made generally more powerful
NBL - Noise Blanker Threshold brought out to front panel
NBW - Noise Blanker Width brought out to front panel
Shortwave and ARS band markings, switchable
BND switch for above
LCD displays changed to LED displays, lol
Status displays green text on black
SMO allows selection of smoothed scope display when green
Worked on alternate WAT palette ( PAL). Anyone have any feedback?
Updated palette creation documentation above - example, discussion
PAL setting now saved
WAT setting now saved
SPE setting now saved
Added LoaD Palette GUI button: LDP
Signal zoning now always 10 to match I and INT functions
Added NET for network dialog
Added SND for sound dialog
Overload indicator reworked
FOL (FFT Overload sense) switch added
RAT (RATe) for AGC/SMeter trace added - 1/2 trace speed
#/divisions for signal region now saved on exit
Fixed spectrum setting now saved
Vector display mode ( VEC) added to audio scope
Waterfall display mode ( WTF) added to audio scope
3D surface display mode ( 3D) added to audio scope
Added 1,2,3,4 and 5 kc presets for spectrum modes (qt sliders... ugh)
Added GUI memories F1...F10
Added PSB (Preset Bands) GUI button for memories 1...0, F1...F10
Added TX Squelch active indicator
Added AM/FM Squelch active indicator
Right-click on u/d 5 or 10 khz will now re-center tuning point
Label for waterfall Intercept readout/slider: I
Vector scope mode adds point-and-click heterodyne removal
notch state (f,q,on/off) of all notches saved and reloaded
Scope mode buttons are now multistate
Scope features that are not in effect light up yellow
Panel expanded, re-designed, re-arranged (oh no! )


Bug: selecting "stereo" in sound dialog could cause problems

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