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2.02 Additions

TDM - Time Division Multiplex notch filter setup
Peak detection feature re-coded.
LDS - Load Stylesheet (sdrdx-stylesheet.qss) to customize colors
Waterfall contrast slider C (works with intercept slider)
Waterfall intercept I now saved and restored (other than memories)
(Internal) threading reworked
Mouse roller now fine-tunes current notch within scope bounds
Mouse left button can now set demod width (helps trackpads)
Recording of spectrum (set file size with right-click on record)
Minor fixes to meter frame drawing
Auto-repeat implemented for tuning, span, and band controls
Playback of recorded spectrum (SpectraView format) files, scrub bar
Pause, Rewind, Stop, Scrub of playback
Drawing reliability improved, better parallelism
WTM - Waterfall time, center freq, bandwidth markers
SWF - Save Waterfall Files (SEE DOCS: creates PNG image in app dir)
SdB - Show dB readout on spectrum
OVL - now red = A/D overload, Yellow = FFT overload, white = both
FIL now sets inactive on HPF switch and H/L slider when off
dB range on dB/div increased: from 4 settings to 10.
Audio waterfall now has frequency markers
TRK now sets inactive on TRK when of
CLK locks center frequency. Auto on REC or PLAY.
Return key now acts as run/stop
Added 6 meter models (ok, 3.75) - click on the SMeter. Keep clicking.
Docs on new stuff, more docs on already existing stuff


Bug: if WAT was off, mouse didn't work in signal spectrum
Bug: if stopping after display % change, RUN lamp in wrong state
Bug: Qt's spinbox was broken. Replaced with custom buttons
Bug: Some blinkers.... might not blink
Bug: Waterfall would scroll extra line when window reactivated

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