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2.04 Additions

(NET)SDR-IQ/IP recordings now store and retrieve offset for accurate playback
Default for signal display area ( SPE) is now on
Right-clicking DNR turns DNR on and off without changing intensity
DNR algorithm updated. Open bandwidth a little past that in use.
CAR mode gets carrier shift capability; 1 notch on knob is 1/4 width
Right mouse button moves backwards through meter models
Default for AGC intercept is now -120 dB
TDM now dedicated to specific kind of signal
Documentation is now online:
HLP gets you right to the new online docs in your browser
New method for detecting FUNcube dongle to address Win7 bug


In the scope's CAR mode, the top knob legend was yellow (indicates disabled)
Waterfall image saver was stacking images in reverse order. Duh.

Known Problems

Qt, under Win7, does not support sound cards over 48 kHz This is VERY bad for FUNcube dongle.

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