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5.11.4 - High Pass Filter

You enable the high pass filter with Left-click HPF or by pressing  H. You adjust the high pass filter frequency by Hpf or by pressing  J and/or ^ j.

High pass filtering is useful when there is excess bass, particularly in the case of the AM and SAM demodulator modes, where there is no way to adjust the RF demodulator bandpass to cut out low frequencies.

For maximum voice intelligibility within broadcasts, we can take a cue from AT&T corporation, which long ago did a great deal of research and determined that the frequency range of 300 Hz to 3000 Hz (3 KHz) was the "sweet spot" for voice. If you set Hpf = 300, and then set the maximum demodulator bandwidth to 3 KHz, this will provide an excellent setup for listening to AM and SAM voice broadcasts. I find opening up as far as 4 KHz increases detail and intelligibility, if interference is not present.

When recalling memories, if you want the memory recall action to set the high pass filter state and frequency, Left-click MFH.

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