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5.15.10 - SW DRM - Digital Radio Mondial

DRM reception
USB, 10 kHz BW

SdrDx is an ideal platform for receiving DRM broadcasts and feeding them to a DRM demodulation application. You should have "SoundFlower" installed if you are running on the Mac, and you'll need a copy of "DREAM" or some similar DRM demodulation application. Similar conditions obtain for DRM under Windows, but I have no specifics at this time.

Dream for OS X receiving REE on 9625 KHz

Here's a link to a pre-compiled Mac version of DREAM which is well worth grabbing. The reason you'd want to get this ASAP is that compiling the open-source code to create this application is really quite a challenge, and technically speaking (at least according to the notes in the project about restricted CODECs, etc.) this download should not be available at all, and so may disappear at any time:

...and here's a link to soundflower (Mac audio re-routing app):

So to receive DRM with SdrDx, there are things you need to do:

------------------------------ One Time -----------------

------------------------------ Every Time ---------------

...and that should do it.

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