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5.29 - Just Listening

5.29.1 - Disabling Display Processing

The SPE (Spectrum) and WAT (Waterfall) switches allow you to disable portions of the display. This is particularly useful for Mac architectures like macbooks and minis where the main system memory is shared with the GPU memory, as it reduces the amount of data flying around inside the program and lets the CPU get at its memory more easily. If you're just going to be listening, you can turn off one or both of these display switches if you like and make some additional CPU power available, or just let the computer run a little cooler.

5.29.2 - Disabling the Clock

Turning off CON will disable display of the clock.

5.29.3 - Disabling the Meters

Turning off MON will disable NR-, S- and Vu-meter display.

5.29.4 - Disabling the Aux Scope

You can turn off the scope with SON; similarly, pulling the channel 1 and channel 2 gain controls to minimum will turn off the scope's display processing in scope ( SCP) mode.

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