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5.28 - Use with Up-Converters, or with IF monitoring

Within the Display dialog, accessed with DSP, is a field designated "Freq. Offset." This field normally contains the number zero; but you can put a value in it that will be subtracted from SdrDx's various frequency displays, including:

Suppose you have an up-converter that translates 0 MHz to 30 MHz to the frequencies 120 MHz to 150 MHz. In this case, the difference is 120 MHz, and so you would enter 120000000 in the Freq. Offset field and then select OK. Now, all frequency displays will indicate 0-30 MHz when the actual tuning of the SDR running in conjunction with the up-converter is 120 MHz to 150 MHz.

Note: You can set this via the TCP/UDP command set with setfoff:offset

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