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5.26 - Audio IQ Playback

5.26.1 - System Requirements

Playing back audio I/Q files usually takes less CPU power than playing back native I/Q files, because the system sound hardware takes up some of the computing requirements.

5.26.2 - Usage

You'll be using the system's standard sound hardware to replay the I/Q data. On the Mac, you'll definitely want to install SoundFlower.

On the Mac, select SoundFlower 2-channel as your input device in the SND dialog. In the software playing back the audio (e.g. VLC or iTunes, etc.), select SoundFlower 2-channel as your output device. Make sure that the output volume is turned well up on the playback software.

Note: Procedures for Windows will be similar; but I can provide no details at this time. If you work through this under Windows, I'd be grateful for a description of the process.

With   Audio IQ  checked in the dialog available with a right-click on FCD, with Run and > off, press FCD.

Set the center frequency (bottom frequency widget) to the known center frequency of the recording; you can tune using the upper, demodulator widget or by clicking in the RF display.

At this point, the audio I/Q data should be playing back. Things a little weird? Try changing the   LR Swap  state in the dialog available with Right-click FCD. This exchanges the left audio channel with the right audio channel.

Now you can just tune around as normal (except for changing the center frequency!) set any demodulation mode you like, and so on. You can press ZE in order to reduce any center spike imbalance that may be present.

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