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5.25 - Native Playback

5.25.1 - System Requirements

Playing back takes considerably less CPU power than recording, generally even less than running live SDR hardware. Also, no network activity occurs, which further decreases system loading.

5.25.2 - Usage

With Run and FCD off, press the > or "play" button, and select the recording using the standard file dialog. SdrDx can read its own files, and files produced by other SDR software such as SpectraView and the Perseus system.

As soon as you choose the file, it will begin playing back. At this point, you can just tune around as normal (except for changing the center frequency!) set any demodulation mode you like, and so on.

You can press |< or "rewind", which will start the recording over again. You can press || or "pause", which will stop playback at the current position until you press || again.

Scrub Bar

You can click anywhere below the white line in the "scrub bar" between the two yellow punch markers. This bar normally shows the progress of a playback session with the blue playback indicator, or in other words, how far along in the recording you are; left-clicking on the bottom half of the bar will move the play position of the recording to that point, as long as you click somewhere between the punch markers.

The punch markers (yellow) allow you to set the start and end of playback within the recording. The marker furthest to the left is the punch-in marker, where playback will start; the marker furthest to the right is the punch-out marker, where playback will return to the punch-in point. Set these markers by left- and right-clicking above the white line.

During playback, the center frequency is locked. If you would like to work within a sub-region of the recording, use ++Z and --Z or  O and  P to zoom in and out on a particular sub-range.

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