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5.35 - Griffen Powermate

Griffen Powermate

The Griffen Powermate is an external knob that connects to the computer via USB. It has driver software that can emit various events, such as keystrokes, when the Powermate is turned. SdrDx uses this capability to convert the Powermate into a tuning / IF shift knob with variable tuning step.

How to use the Powermate with SdrDx

  1. Install the Griffen Powermate & software if not already installed
  2. Add the SdrDx software to the list of apps in the Powermate preferences
  3. Assign V to clockwise rotation
  4. Assign Q to counter-clockwise rotation
  5. Assign  Q to button-press
  6. Assign  V to Long-button-press
  7. Set the tuning *rates* for CW and CCW rotation to 8 (or as preferred)

At this point, after the input focus is on the SdrDx window, turning the Griffen Powermate will tune the SDR. Pressing the knob will increase the tuning rate; long-pressing the knob will decrease the tuning rate. Pressing Control on the keyboard while turning the knob will perform IF shift in SSB, FSK and CW reception modes.

In addition, using SdrDx's band change capabilities will automatically set the knob's tuning step.

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