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5.18.4 - Using Notches with the Scope

You can adjust the currently active notch in SPE, VEC, WTR and 3D modes.

First, make sure the NOT indicator is on. Click NOT if it isn't.

Point at a visible heterodyne peak in the scope, and click/drag horizontally; a red line will appear in either SPE or VEC mode, the currently selected notch will turn on (if not already on) and the notch frequency will follow your mouse movements. Didn't quite hit it? Use the mouse's "roller" wheel to fine-tune the notch 1 Hz at a time.

Just a little practice should make it very easy for you to notch out interfering heterodynes. While there are no red indicators on 3D or WTR displays, you should be able to see the notching action easily enough, especially if you pull Q somewhat to the left before you start.

Right-clicking in the audio waterfall or a spectrum window will select the next notch, allowing easy removal of multiple heterodynes. Do it as the following tip describes:

Tip: Left click / drag / wheel / right click / repeat.

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