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5.11.6 - Anti-Resonance

~3 KHz noise intensity, -Ri

Because the demodulator bandwidth of the software is razor edged and steep, the highest frequencies within the demodulator bandwidth tend to "ring", which means you hear them more than you probably like.

-Ri engages a special anti-resonance process that adjusts the shape of the demodulator frequency response that corresponds to high frequency demodulation within the demodulator bandwidth for a more gentle curve, thus counteracting the ringing problem -- without in any way sacrificing the razor edges that keep QRM out of your received signal. The degree of reduction is correlated to the demodulator overall bandwidth so as not to reduce intelligibility.

Turn it on and off while listening to SSB or AM to see what it does. Normally, you probably want this to be on — personally, I only turn it off if I'm dealing with a digital signal like DRM, where you don't want any disruption of the channel's phase or frequency response.

You can set the intensity with Right-click -Ri

~3 KHz noise intensity, -Ri

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