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2.08 Additions

SdrDx now checks with for current version on start-up. Title bar indicates if you have the release, the beta, and if it is current or an older version.
right-clicking GS steps grid spacing backwards
-Ri now works with SAM demodulator
-Ri now works with FM demodulator
TCP interface incorporates sending audio
Tuning Knob interface now obeys top right CTR setting
Added center and dfreq commands, centf response to IPC
Added TCP server for reliable external control and monitoring
Added frequency offset field in display dialog. For up-converters nad use in IF monitoring applications. Value is subtracted from receive frequency display. See this page.
Added right-click to adjust gain on RTTY scope
Added checkbox to display dialog to configure button text highlighting
"gimme" UDP command added; "spectrum" UDP response to "gimme" added. See ipc docs
"setdbstep" UDP command added; See ipc docs
"setmaxdb" UDP command added; See ipc docs

2.08 Fixes

2.08a: Display dialog frequency offset edit box accepted only 5 digits; tooltip wrong -- fixed in 2.08a
Bug in OSX where more than one UDP client cannot access the broadcast port discovered. Until (unless) Apple fixes this bug, only ONE UDP client can run at a time, which pretty well shoots a great deal of the utility of the UDP interface in both feet at once. I have added a TCP server interface so as to enable proper remote use, and I suggest that all developers use the TCP method. It's a little more involved, unfortunately (and that's why I went with UDP initially), but it does work properly for multiple clients.
Bug where demod freq readout not updated on IPC command if center freq was same as previous but user had tuned off using demod -- tuning was correct, display was not.
Bug where you could not change the UDP ports using the network dialog fixed

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