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2.09 Additions

SdrDx now sets a "marker" that lets it know when version changes occur. Consequently, when you upgrade SdrDx the software will recognize when the first run of a version occurs, and fetch its settings from the previous version instead of starting "dumb", as it has until now. Once the current version has run, it will use its own settings. In this way, you will no longer have to reconfigure each version - 2.09 will be the last time. The mechanism is smart enough so that after 2.09, you'll even be able to skip versions and the fetch from previously run version will still work.
AGC metering: tweak dialog to live-adjust AGC readout with  D
DNR metering active (But red) when disabled
VU meter behaves better when squelch is on
Moved clock down to accommodate additional RF display controls
ANF added - Auto Noise Floor
EDP added - Edit Palette
SVP added - Save Palette
SNF added - Smooth Noise Floor
MFI renamed MFL to make sense with MFH
MFH added
HPF added
sethpf:freq IPC command added
setlpf:freq IPC command added
TRK relocated
Independent high pass filter added
Added lightning distance info
Errors in MIDI section of docs corrected
Default for display averaging set to 2
Parsing of sdr-fparms.sdr no longer expects terminating line feed (UNIX/OSX standard), will accept number with any newline sequence as long as the number comes first.
I range doubled
C range tripled
MIDI port number checking enhanced
Version checking enhanced to include bugfix bumps

2.09 Fixes

Bug fixed where -Ri would only track high side of SAM demodulator mode
Bug in saving GRT opacity fixed
Bug in saving memory settings fixed (please delete your old sdr-fmems.sdm file)

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