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Looking for bugfixes? I list them here.

Additions in SdrDx 2.18 beta (up to 2.18r)

() 2.18... is cooking. Smell that? It's my brain burning.

(23) 2.18r
Added docs to show how to make EX1 through EX4 work under Windows XP. It's not pretty.

(22) 2.18r
NFL state is now saved, and defaults to on

(21) 2.18r
Added / updated 160-190, 13560-13567, and 26960-27280 as Industrial + Part 15

(20) 2.18q
Added the 2200m and 630m ham bands to the internal database, the band indicators, and the <AR and AR> button functions.

(19) 2.18q
The ham band indications in the database now include US license classes allowed in the various band segments. The codes EAGTN mean Extra, Advanced, General, Technician, and Novice.

(18) 2.18o
When NFL is on, the notch indicators will no longer be drawn in the demodulator bandpass.

(17) 2.18m
Added NFL, which locks the RF notch frequency in the case of demodulator tuning. This allows you to set up RF notches and they will stay where you placed them while you tune. If you change the center frequency, they will re-lock to the demodulator bounds. The application that made me do this was tracking the doppler shift on an ISS transmission; the birdies stayed in one place, but the signal didn't, so this allows tuning in such a case while keeping a "finger" on the notch frequencies.

(16) 2.18l
Skipped - the lower case letter "L" looks way too much like a number one.

(15) 2.18k
Recordings can now be pre- or post- noise blanker, IQ balance, etc. See record dialog with right click on record button.

(14) 2.18j
Recordings are now pre- noiseblanker, IQ balance, etc.

(13) 2.18i
Holding control while clicking SM1...SM4 will set the span to the maximum span for the current sample rate, and the grid setting to either 10, or the last selection made in the SDR setup dialog (accessed with SDR.)

(12) 2.18i
CLK more universally obeyed: VFOs, memories, network commands.

(11) 2.18h
Span memories SM1, SM2, SM3 and SM4 now incorporate the ability to set the grid spacing.

(10) 2.18g
AFEDRI gain in SDR dialog now available to other AFE SDRs than just the AFEDRI (AFE822, AFE822x)

(9) 2.18f
AFE822x VHF/UHF SDR AGC switches and manual gain support added to SDR dialog.
  Mix AGC 
AFEDRI VHF LNA gain (only when   LNA AGC  unchecked)
AFEDRI VHF Mix gain (only when   Mix AGC  unchecked)

(8) 2.18e
AM Demodulator max bandwidth increased

(7) 2.18e
FM Demodulator max bandwidth increased

(6) 2.18d
Key function 392: Squelch increase by one level
Key function 393: Squelch decrease by one level

(5) 2.18c
Key function 391: lists all key functions to "keyfuncs.txt" in the user's home directory in numeric order.

(4) 2.18b
Inverted radio IF documentation added.

(3) 2.18b
I/R renamed to I/RFG

(2) 2.18b
Right-clicking on FM allows you to set the DC response of the FM demodulator. There are key functions for setting the response directly, and for opening the dialog. These key functions are unassigned by default.

(1) 2.18a
AFE822 phasing methodology changed. Smoother, faster, cleaner. Credit to Chris of Black Cat Systems for the idea.

Bug fixes in SdrDx 2.18 beta (up to 2.18r)

(3) 2.18r
Fixed tooltips on notch readouts 9 and 10

(2) 2.18p
-Ri wasn't working when RF notches were on.

(1) 2.18n
Audio notches remained on when RF notches were selected. Now it's either audio, or RF. That was the original design intent. My apologies.

(0) 2.18a
Initial beta release

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