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5.6 - Status Displays

5.6.1 - Top Display

Top Status Display

The topmost indicator box contains various types of status information.

First is a number telling you how many grid divisions there are on the spectrum. You can change this by Left-clickGS

Next, the number in square braces indicates the tuning step for an external knob such as the Griffen Powermate.

Tip: Setting up the Powermate with SdrDx is detailed here

Next comes the current demodulator mode with the demodulator low, high demodulator edges and total bandwidth, designated Lo, Hi, and BW.

Next are the Lo= and Hi= Demodulator edge frequencies, followed by BW= which is the actual bandwidth of the demodulator from low cut to high cut.

Next, within parenthesis, if you are recording, the current file size in GB (Gigabytes) is shown. If you are playing back, progress in % towards the end of the recording is shown.

Next the number inside the curly braces is the latency setting; it ranges from 2 (very low latency) to 16 (high latency.) ^ L and ^ S or left- and right-clicking LAT adjusts this value. Think Shorter and Longer to remember the keys.

5.6.2 - Middle Display

Middle Status Display

This shows information about the frequency you are presently tuned to using an internal, high performance database system.

5.6.3 - Bottom Display

Bottom Status Display

This shows connectivity and SDR performance information.

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