About the Site

The www.blish.org site is, with the exception of the genealogical pages, a hand-crafted effort. Each page was written in native HTML using a text editor, TextPad. Browser display widths of 640 pixels or wider should result in output formatted as designed. The pages were generally aimed at a browser width of 800 pixels.

All forms use standard HTML form elements, and forms processing is done using Perl.

The site avoids the use of Active-X, frames, JAVA scripting and "cookies". Some banner exchange networks use cookies to control any or all of banner display, "hit" counting, and page re-visit disqualification. As a result, at some point users may encounter a cookie that emanates from one or more of the mainstream banner networks. These cookies should be of the most harmless class, as they are intended to control banner display and hit crediting for the site banner accounts. Despite this, we cannot make any guarantees that these cookies are completely benign. If you have any concerns, disable cookies using the tools provided for that purpose in your web browser.