Genealogical Database

The following form will return a result that is indexed to the web pages for individuals that match your input.

Each result is a Link that you can click on; click on the result and you will be presented with that individual's web page.

The search does not support wildcards. However, it does support partial names. So if you put "E" in the First Name field, all matching entries that have first names that begin with "E"will be returned. Elizabeth, Eggbert, etc.

The search is case sensitive; and the database uses normal naming case, that is, the first letter of a name is normally capitalized. So, for instance, a search for "Ben" will turn up Ben and Benjamin, but a search for "ben" will turn up nothing.

Any field that is left blank will match anything; so just fill in the parts you're relatively (no pun intended... well, actually yes, there was... heh heh heh) certain of.

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(Please click only ONCE... the Blish database is very large, and searches may take some time!)